The Allure of Selling Your Stuff Before Moving

The Allure of Selling Your Stuff Before Moving

When it comes time to move from one location to another, many people will see it as an act of a new beginning. They will sell off as much as they can before the move in order to begin replacing necessities at a later time after the move is complete. There are many aspects to selling your possessions prior to a move that can be beneficial to your cause. Although you don’t have to sell everything you own, reducing your mass can be quite liberating.

1. Less Trips - By getting rid of as much furniture and other goods as possible, you reduce the amount of times you need to drive the moving truck back and forth. This can save you quite a bit in gas depending on how much stuff you have. If you are traveling from one state to another, reducing your load is greatly beneficial to the gas mileage of the vehicle and could reduce your possessions to the point of fitting in a smaller truck. Instead of packing up one or two large trucks, you’d only have to rent a single, smaller vehicle.

2. New Stuff - Many people will view the move as an opportunity to get rid of older furniture in order to make room for new stuff when they move into the new home. This can give you a chance to find the perfect ensemble of furniture that will fit into your decorative aesthetics of the locale. Even if you don’t have the money to buy a new living room set outright, you can use the rent-to-own places and try out different furniture variations until you find one that is perfect.

3. Extra Cash - If your new home is too small to move all of the furniture you have into it, then selling off what you can’t fit can put a few extra dollars in your pocket and/or help finance the move. This could give you the money to pay for emergencies along the way that should happen such as a flat tire or other vehicle breakdowns. It’s always a good idea to have that financial cushion available regardless if you’re selling your stuff or not. It can mean the difference in moving into your new home on Monday or waiting until Friday to pay for the mechanic.

4. No Longer Needed - When some parents move, they may sell off their child’s belongings after they have moved out and have gone to college. Of course, good parents will make sure that the child has everything they want before the yard sale begins. Old toys, beds, blankets, clothes, and more could be sold off at incredible prices for no other reason than to get it out of the house. For every item that is sold, that is one less item that needs to be packed into a box.

Selling off as much as possible can help you in a variety of ways. Whether you need to reduce your load because of square footage complications within your new home or you simply need to part with objects that are just taking up space, hosting a “moving sale” is quite a common practice. If you’re debating on hosting one of these sales yourself, focus on what you will gain versus what you’ll be losing. Usually, one will outweigh the other.

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