The Cost of Moving from the USA to UK


Without doubt every person in the world wants to be happy and find their right place. People are always searching for better opportunities and living conditions. It isn’t surprising that there has been a huge growth in house moves in the past few years. People are no longer afraid to leave behind the life they know and look for a better life across the country or internationally.

Moving from USA to UK

One of the biggest events in a person’s life is moving long-distance and starting an entirely new life in a foreign country. Often you come across families that are willing to replace the USA with the UK, thus providing a better life for their children. It’s not an easy task to do such a move –accommodation, school, jobs, documents, moving – all of these have to be taken care of prior to the move. It’s not a cheap move to do but it’s worth every penny invested.

  • Flight tickets – One of the biggest expenses when moving to the UK with your entire family. Book your tickets as early as possible to avoid the highest fares. Put the price of plane tickets on top of your budget plan.
  • Visa processing and application fee – You need a visa in order to work legally in the UK. Submit your application to the British Consulate before you make any further plans. You will have to pay a fee before your details are taken into consideration.
  • Moving companies – A considerable expense when moving to the UK. Every international relocation is expensive, so make sure you have an adequate budget prepared for it. The fee of the moving company will include packing services, physical labour, additional charges, container charges, customs fees, tips, etc. The bigger your shipment, the higher this cost will be.
  • Packing materials – It’s risky to pack for an international move on your own, but if that is your desire, then keep in mind that the packing material and tools are expensive too.
  • Temporary accommodation cost – After you arrive in the UK, you may have to stay at a hotel until your shipment arrives and you can move into the house. It can be quite costly, especially if you are moving to a big city.
  • Admission to schools – Be prepared to pay an admission fee for your children to be accepted to an English school.

Moving from USA to UK

More or less, the UK is just as expensive as the USA when it comes to accommodation, travel and daily living expenses. Ensure that you have some funds saved for after the move when you will have to buy groceries and plenty of products for the home. Think positive and your long-distance move will go problem-free. Happy moving!

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