Moving In London – Can It Really Be A Hassle Free Process?

Moving In London – Can It Really Be A Hassle Free Process?

Moving in London

So you’re moving. London is your location and you’re dreading the prospect. But does it really have to be as bad as it seems when moving?  London has many thousands of house moves each year, isn’t there a way to find a stress-free move?In a word, yes – you can do what many others do and employ one of a multitude of professional moving services. London has loads of them and they really can provide you with stress free moving in London. Here’s a few a reasons why a company advertising ‘Professional Moving Services London’ can help you:

Professional moving services in London are professional!

If you find a company advertising Professional Moving Services London then they are likely to be just that – professionals! Having professionals on the job can be invaluable to you when moving. London firms offering this type of service will ensure that you can relax whilst moving. London has plenty of people trying to do a DIY moving job but a company offering ‘Professional Moving Services London’ is likely to be so much better when it comes to moving. London or elsewhere, leaving moving to those that do it for a living significantly cuts down on any hassle.

Professional moving services in London can save you money

Hiring professional moving services in London will obviously cost money but have you thought about how much it will cost to do your own moving? London is notoriously expensive for van hire and you have to add petrol costs to that and any money you may give a friend for helping. When all that is added up you may find that answering that ad for ‘Professional Moving Services London’ could actually have saved you money!

Professional moving services in London have insurance

You’ve loaded up a van with furniture, possessions and valuables and you’re ready for moving. London is a big place and it may be miles to your destination – but what happens if something breaks when you’re moving? London firms that provide ‘Professional Moving Services London’ will be fully insured for any damage that could happen whilst moving. London amateur movers, on the other hand, are unlikely to have that kind of cover. Just imagine all the time it would take and money it would cost to replace any possessions broken whilst moving. London firms advertising ‘Professional Moving Services London’, on the other hand, are likely to be fully insured for any breakages.

Professional moving services in London know their way around

Have you thought what will happen if you get lost whilst moving? London is a big place and it’s easy to end up in the wrong place when you’re moving. London firms offering ‘Professional Moving Services London’ are likely to know the city like the back of their hand. Professional moving services in London traverse the capital day in, day out and know exactly how to get you to your new property in good time. Therefore, hiring a professional moving service in London can save you time as well as money!

About Aussie Man & Van in London:

moving in london

Moving in London

We’ve grown from a one man operation to a full service removal company.

From one man & van, we’ve become London’s Greatest Movers!
 We specialise in removals throughout London, the UK and Europe.  Today we are moving over 200 homes and offices every week.  We believe our can-do attitude and hard working approach truly sets us apart from our competitors.  We’re much more than the average man & van service.  We are professional movers with commitment to the customer experience.  

 A Little History…

 G’Day, my name is Brian. I first arrived in London in the year 2000 (from Sydney Australia); 3 years later I set up Aussie Man and Van Ltd. I started with one van and did the work myself, however I found the need to recruit some of my compatriots to help out with a rapidly expanding business. Since then, with the help of my mostly expat team, we have grown into a fleet of forty vehicles and over 100 staff. I feel we have become a big part of the London Removals business.

Today I don’t do much of the driving or lifting myself, but I am kept busy as Chairman of our company. We can pack for you, we can store your possessions in our secure storage facility.

If you need us to move you from a bedsit, or from an 8 bedroom home, we are there for you. Feel free to contact us to arrange a site visit to your premises at any time on 0208 870 4003.

Moving to London from the United States?

Contact Priority Moving, Inc. at 858-689-2525 and we can assist you in your move to London.  We work with Aussie Man and Van to ensure your international move to London goes perfectly. 

move to london

move to london

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Priority Moving
9755 Distribution Avenue #A San DiegoCA92121 USA 
 • 858-689-2525
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    yep there are plenty of ‘wanna be’ companies are out there who claim themselves to be professional but they are not!so people be prepared to be harassed or choose wisely

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