The Allure of Selling Your Stuff Before Moving

The Allure of Selling Your Stuff Before Moving

When it comes time to move from one location to another, many people will see it as an act of a new beginning. They will sell off as much as they can before the move in order to begin replacing necessities at a later time after the move is complete. There are many aspects to selling your possessions prior to a move that can be beneficial to your cause. Although you don’t have to sell everything you own, reducing your mass can be quite liberating.

1. Less Trips - By getting rid of as much furniture and other goods as possible, you reduce the amount of times you need to drive the moving truck back and forth. This can save you quite a bit in gas depending on how much stuff you have. If you are traveling from one state to another, reducing your load is greatly beneficial to the gas mileage of the vehicle and could reduce your possessions to the point of fitting in a smaller truck. Instead of packing up one or two large trucks, you’d only have to rent a single, smaller vehicle.

2. New Stuff - Many people will view the move as an opportunity to get rid of older furniture in order to make room for new stuff when they move into the new home. This can give you a chance to find the perfect ensemble of furniture that will fit into your decorative aesthetics of the locale. Even if you don’t have the money to buy a new living room set outright, you can use the rent-to-own places and try out different furniture variations until you find one that is perfect.

3. Extra Cash - If your new home is too small to move all of the furniture you have into it, then selling off what you can’t fit can put a few extra dollars in your pocket and/or help finance the move. This could give you the money to pay for emergencies along the way that should happen such as a flat tire or other vehicle breakdowns. It’s always a good idea to have that financial cushion available regardless if you’re selling your stuff or not. It can mean the difference in moving into your new home on Monday or waiting until Friday to pay for the mechanic.

4. No Longer Needed - When some parents move, they may sell off their child’s belongings after they have moved out and have gone to college. Of course, good parents will make sure that the child has everything they want before the yard sale begins. Old toys, beds, blankets, clothes, and more could be sold off at incredible prices for no other reason than to get it out of the house. For every item that is sold, that is one less item that needs to be packed into a box.

Selling off as much as possible can help you in a variety of ways. Whether you need to reduce your load because of square footage complications within your new home or you simply need to part with objects that are just taking up space, hosting a “moving sale” is quite a common practice. If you’re debating on hosting one of these sales yourself, focus on what you will gain versus what you’ll be losing. Usually, one will outweigh the other.

This is a guest post by Liz Nelson from She is a freelance writer and blogger from Houston. Questions and comments can be sent to: liznelson17 @

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Yelp Reviews | Three 5-Star Yelp Reviews in One Day | Yelp Review Filter

Yelp Reviews | Three 5-Star Yelp Reviews in One Day | Yelp Review Filter

We love our customers.  When our customers love us back we get excited.  Three, 5-star Yelp reviews in one day is something to be proud of.  Getting past the Yelp Review Filter with these reviews is another thing altogether, we will have to see if that transpires.

Nevertheless, for a San Diego Moving Company to continually receive accolades from customers is a testament to our entire team.

As San Diego movers we are a service business, there is no actual product.  But to provide these moving services takes many parts.  Some of those include the office staff of move coordinators that speak to our San Diego moving customers.  Then our Operations department that houses all our fantastic movers that are friendly, experienced, dedicated and trained and trained!

Of course when our customers post on testimonial websites like Yelp it makes our day.  For some reason Yelp has a Yelp review filter that likes to filter many of our reviews but this is something that we cannot control.   Hopefully these reviews from REAL SAN DIEGO MOVING CUSTOMERS will make it past the Yelp review filter.

Here are the three reviews we received yesterday:

Yelp Reviews | Yelp Review Filter

Here is the text from each of the reviews in case the Yelp image is not clear – Once again we hope these reviews make it past the Yelp Review Filter.

Review #1:

The team was professional, thorough and efficient.  Great care was taken with our furnishings.  I would recommend them to anyone and will certainly use them again should the need arise.  They finished 2 1/2 hrs ahead of schedule and saved us hundreds of dollars.

Review #2

GREAT CREW!  I called many moving companies, and literally was told by 2 of them to call Priority Moving to handle the large 20+ oak pieces and the 3 Grandfather clocks, because they were “pros”. I took that advice, called and they were confident the whole way through the conversation making me feel comfortable and clear on exactly what the rates were.  Flat rate + a gas fee.  I like that! simple, straightforward and great prices.  Devon and his crew of Troy & Darrell showed up ready to work! They busted their butts for the next 6 hours no complaints, always smiling and most importantly VERY respectful of my mothers pieces of furniture that she has passed on to the family.  It was def. a stressful type of move, but these guys made me forget all that and helped me by getting the job done.  They couldn’t have protected the furniture/house any better!   HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
Thank you again!

Review #3

Had an amazing experience with Priority Moving! The team of movers we had were professional, kind and very careful with our furniture and decor (they did a great job wrapping and protecting). They laid down protective covers for our wood floors and stairs during the move and vice versa at the new place we moved into. They were fast and efficient but very careful and smart while maneuvering large and fragile pieces. The finished an hour early and save us money! Who doesn’t like that!

We will definitely be using Priority again for our out-of-state move next year!
Anyone who is high maintenance and leery of moving companies, like myself, give Priority Moving a chance! Very good and went above and beyond expectations.

On a side note, I received calls from Management and my Rep throughout the day to make sure the move was going good and the team was meeting our expectations.
Thank you Priority, I don’t know a lot of companies with this level of customer service!

For a great San Diego move please call Priority Moving

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The Cost of Moving from the USA to UK


Without doubt every person in the world wants to be happy and find their right place. People are always searching for better opportunities and living conditions. It isn’t surprising that there has been a huge growth in house moves in the past few years. People are no longer afraid to leave behind the life they know and look for a better life across the country or internationally.

Moving from USA to UK

One of the biggest events in a person’s life is moving long-distance and starting an entirely new life in a foreign country. Often you come across families that are willing to replace the USA with the UK, thus providing a better life for their children. It’s not an easy task to do such a move –accommodation, school, jobs, documents, moving – all of these have to be taken care of prior to the move. It’s not a cheap move to do but it’s worth every penny invested.

  • Flight tickets – One of the biggest expenses when moving to the UK with your entire family. Book your tickets as early as possible to avoid the highest fares. Put the price of plane tickets on top of your budget plan.
  • Visa processing and application fee – You need a visa in order to work legally in the UK. Submit your application to the British Consulate before you make any further plans. You will have to pay a fee before your details are taken into consideration.
  • Moving companies – A considerable expense when moving to the UK. Every international relocation is expensive, so make sure you have an adequate budget prepared for it. The fee of the moving company will include packing services, physical labour, additional charges, container charges, customs fees, tips, etc. The bigger your shipment, the higher this cost will be.
  • Packing materials – It’s risky to pack for an international move on your own, but if that is your desire, then keep in mind that the packing material and tools are expensive too.
  • Temporary accommodation cost – After you arrive in the UK, you may have to stay at a hotel until your shipment arrives and you can move into the house. It can be quite costly, especially if you are moving to a big city.
  • Admission to schools – Be prepared to pay an admission fee for your children to be accepted to an English school.

Moving from USA to UK

More or less, the UK is just as expensive as the USA when it comes to accommodation, travel and daily living expenses. Ensure that you have some funds saved for after the move when you will have to buy groceries and plenty of products for the home. Think positive and your long-distance move will go problem-free. Happy moving!

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Tips on Moving with a Cat

Tips on Moving With a Cat

Moving houses is a stressful transition and it can be ten times more stressful for your cat. So, in order to make it as easy for your feline friend as possible, make sure you dedicate a lot of effort to it. The options are numerous, but there are some basic and fundamental rules you need to adhere to. Here is what you can take note of.

Keep your kitty in a separate room while the preparations last (moving furniture, packing, etc.). This way you will protect the cat from all the people moving back and forth in the house with heavy boxes and from the constant noise surrounding these actions. Otherwise, the cat might get so scared and endangered that s/he would run away. If you can, provide a sitter for your cat, a friend or a member of the family.

Tips on Moving with a Cat

When on the road to your new home, it would be a good idea to keep the cat calm. You can do that by using a familiar blanket or something similar. When put over its carrier (of course, without blocking all the air flow) it will create a tranquil sense that will most probably make the cat go to sleep and make the moving into a calm one. Don’t forget to provide a sufficient amount of water and food for the trip. Don’t let your cat run free in the car as it can cause an accident, especially if there isn’t anybody to calm him/her down. You know, cats are way more carefree and disobedient than dogs, for example. And if the cat is way too disobedient or too easily frightened, you can consult your vet about some prescription ant-anxiety medications or sedatives. They will relieve the feline and will help you a lot, especially during a longer trip.

Once you are at your new home, again, put your cat in a certain room while the unpacking and moving in of all the furniture lasts. Also, the kitty will probably need a well-deserved rest after the trip. Don’t even think about keeping the cat in the garage, as s/he needs to be around people for the first month or two until s/he is used with the new surroundings. And try not to put your feline friend into too many quite unfamiliar situations all at once.

Don’t wash all of the cat’s possessions. Leave some of them bearing the old familiar smell that will surely have a soothing effect for your kitty.

Tips on Moving with a Cat

In a day or two, let your cat explore the house, one room at a time. This will be his/her knew home as well, so everything needs to be as familiar as possible.

And if your cat enjoys going out, allow such ‘adventures’ not before a month after the removal. Just in case, fit a microchip and/or a clip-on collar. Some bowls of water and food around can also help in the sense that they will attract the cat should s/he goes astray.

If your cat is used to sleeping with you in the bed, you can go as far as to not washing the bedding and take the ‘dirty’ linen from your old house, which will be slept on during the first couple of days. The familiar scent will surely soothe your cat.


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Why I Wish I Would Have Hired Movers

Why I Wish I Would Have Hired Movers

As contributed by Madoline Hatter

We moved not too very long ago. It is an event that has made a deep imprint on my mind and I do not believe that it will ever leave me. We moved from the house we had lived in for most of my children’s lives to a different part of town. Not only did we have a whole lot of memorabilia from all the years of the kids growing up but we also had my mother living with us. She still carried things from her life before living with us that she cherished. She had her own living quarters full as well as the rest of the house. The attic was full as well. We did not even know where to start.

should have hired movers

Should Have Hired Movers

We decided since it was not just a cut and dried move that we should do it ourselves and go through some of this stuff and perhaps eliminate some of it. We are not what you would call a minimalist family. I have no idea how we accumulated so many incidental items but it should not have surprised me as I am not a big thrower awayer. I have learned to hate this about myself, indecision about what to throw away and what to keep has always plagued me. I blame it on my mother who raised me that way, and was after all my role model, so the two of us in a house together again was not a good idea when it came to a move.

We had to get a virtual army of friends to come and help us even scratch the surface of the packing. Some of those people who came to help just plunged right in and started throwing things in boxes while some of the others stood with stupefied looks of amazement and did not even know where to begin. One of those people was me. I shudder to think of what our friends were thinking but not saying, at least to our faces. It was a nightmare packing.

I really do not think we ever did finish packing, I think there were probably many things that just got left behind in the attic or a nook or cranny here and there. The new owners were probably dismayed as well with our stuff. But anyway, our new home was not ready to be moved into quite yet so we took truck after truck to a storage unit. It was one of their largest units and it was packed to the rafters. It was a little terrifying watching my son, nephew, and some of their young friends trying to fit it all in and wondering if they were going to be safe. I had to quit watching.

Only just a few weeks later we had to go and try and figure out how we wedged things in there to get them out again for the move to the new home. We again were counting on the goodness of friends and their personal trucks as well as a U-Haul vehicle we had rented. Some of those people we have not seen since our move occurred, hmm, makes you think. Anyway, back to the U-Haul. I am sure that many of you have rented U-Hauls over the years with great success as have we. This was not one of those times.

This particular trip in the medium sized U-Haul that was filled with furniture and boxes was being undertaken by my nephew who at the time was nineteen. It was not a far drive from the storage unit to the new house so I let my thirteen year old son ride along to help him start unloading. I was going to be following along shortly to meet them. When I arrived at the new house they were no where to be found and neither one of them had a cell phone so I could not call. To say the least I got just a little bit anxious and started to retrace the route I believed they would take. As I was going back I finally received a call from my nephew telling me that they had broken down and had the U-Haul parked in a parking lot near where I was driving. Luckily for me my nephew was smart enough not to say anything else until I arrived, because this is not the norm for him.

When I got there and inquired as to the problem he then told me that the brakes went  out on  the  U-Haul…. Now, I do not know you but I can only imagine that your reaction may have been identical to mine when your nineteen year old nephew and your thirteen year old son were riding in a vehicle you had rented and the brakes went out. Then my nephew proceeded to share with me the turn of events as they happened. Keep in mind that we live in a very large metropolitan area as I am telling you this story because it indeed does make a difference but either way it is horrific.

He told me that as they were coming down this particular six lane, two-way street they were on that the traffic started to come to a halt and he applied his brakes to find there were none. In a semi panicked yet semi clear thinking state of mind he saw there was an entrance coming up to a large parking lot which he proceeded to turn into going approximately forty miles per hour. The heavily filled truck then did what most heavily filled box type trucks would do; it went up on two wheels, leaning towards the driver. My nephew then informed me that he opened the door and stuck his leg out to try and balance the truck! (As you recall two paragraphs back I said it was not the norm for my nephew to be too smart, but we love him.) Only by God’s great grace did the truck not turn over onto my nephew’s outstretched leg with my son’s unconscious body on top of his. (You see I have a gift, I can see all the worse case scenarios in my head immediately upon hearing a story.)

The truck did (by God’s great grace) balance out and land back on all four tires and because of the tilting helped it to slow down enough to come to a stop before hitting one of the parked vehicles or the building. My son was grinning ear from ear as he was excitedly telling me his version of the events. And the memory of something my dad used to say to us quickly came into my mind. Did you ever hear anyone say they were going to slap that grin right off your face? I did not because I was in shock but I quickly told my son it was not a funny matter!

Needless to say… I called U-Haul in my most controlled uncontrolled voice. They of course did not understand how this happened because all of their equipment was in top condition. In a tone that suggested it must have been something we had done to the truck in the last two or three hours we had possession of it that caused this truck to become a death machine. We waited for the U-Haul truck fixer person to show up. It was not too long before we saw a huge semi-truck sized vehicle show up in the parking lot with U-Haul Service on the side. He was a Hispanic fellow, very pleasant, who at first tried to drive the truck. By the look of utter amazement and the shocked look in his eyes I take it he did not believe us when we told him it had no brakes. He then proceeded to look under the hood, briefly, and told us the brakes must be leaking. I just gave him a blank look and sat waiting to see what he was going to say next.

His next comment was a hair raiser for me. He stood there with a perfectly serious look on his face when he told us that either my nephew or I were going to have to drive this truck down the street to the U-Haul rental center that was close to where we were. I tried to be controlled when I said, “I do not think that is going to happen, it has no brakes, remember?” He stated that someone had to so I suggested it was him. He grinned at me and said in his broken English, “Well then someone has to drive my truck.” By this time my head was about to explode with a mixture of adrenaline and just a tad bit of anger. Before I even gave it much thought I said, “Okay, I will drive your truck.” Do you recall me saying a little earlier in this story that it was the size of a semi? Yep.

So I put my nephew and my son in my vehicle while the gentleman got into the brakeless truck and handed me the keys to his truck. All the while he is grinning as if to say, “I can’t wait to see this.” I climbed up into the cab of that truck and started her or him up and then looked at the gear shift. I knew perfectly well how to drive a standard but I was not too sure in this thing which gears were which so I called him over. He gave me the general run down and I said fine. He was still standing there very amused. As I started it up and put it into first and moved out his look turned a bit anxious, like it just hit him, “What have I done?” He jumped into the U-Haul and slowly went around me as if to say follow me. When I made my turn to go out of the parking lot I made it a bit too short and needed to back up. When I tried to put it into reverse it would not go so I put it in park, jumped out of the vehicle and flagged him out of the U-Haul. He had failed to mention that there was some kind of switch that needed to be initiated before putting it into reverse. I think he was thrilled believing that I had given up my foolish notion of driving the truck and was dismayed when I simply asked him about reverse.

He still was not taking me seriously and to tell you the truth I was practically numb with adrenaline and anger (not good to be in this state of mind in a gigantic truck by the way) at this point. I pulled that rig out on the main road and even managed to take a wide right turn in traffic to get to the U-Haul place. As I pulled up into the lot both the gentleman who gave me this truck driving gig and my nephew and son were both standing there with their mouths wide open. I jumped out of the big monster of a truck, handed him the keys, and said, “You don’t mess with my babies.”

I could go on about what went on in the U-Haul store and how I asked for the reasons why they did not have the courtesy to send a tow truck and what if they had killed my babies, and who was responsible for this and who was going to unload and re-load my truck but I will not. But I can tell you that by the time we got home and I came to my senses I almost passed out and to this day I can not tell you how I drove that truck. It was an out of body and mind experience that I will always remember. And this is just one of the events in this move that confirms the fact that next time, if that ever happens, I will hire movers.

This is article is contributed by Madoline Hatter. Madoline is a freelance writer and blog junkie from You can reach her at:

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Contemporary Design for Home Renovations

Contemporary Design for Home Renovations

Contemporary design for home renovations

Why do so many people think that contemporary home renovations are so expensive?  The truth is, home renovations can be pricey, but working within a set budget with plenty of planning can really make a difference.  The key elements of any successful home renovation project are the design, the materials and management of the process.

Contemporary Design

The importance of design

Everyone knows that the hallmark of contemporary design is a solid architectural base, but for those working within a budget, a well thought out design scheme is absolutely essential.  When renovating a home, it is easy to spend a lot of money without even realizing it.  The first mistake many make is to hire an expensive architect – the secret is to find someone with just as much talent and skill that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Another good way to stay within budget when renovating a home is to keep the overall design small.  While lots of open space is desirable, it comes at a price.  By building smaller, the project will cost less and require less building materials and labor.  Work closely with the designer to weigh the pros and cons of an open floor plan.  Remember that clean lines and simple design often translate to lower costs.  In contemporary homes, less is always more.

Materials for contemporary design

The type of materials one chooses will have a huge impact on the overall cost of a home renovation.  This applies to what land to buy, materials for the exterior of the home and everything inside! 

The best contemporary design is bold and creative, but bringing it to fruition doesn’t have to break the bank.  The goal is to work with interesting textures and evoke novel thoughts.  One way to achieve this goal is to go for building materials that aren’t usually used for housing.  Contemporary homes often have an industrial look and feel, so try sourcing materials from commercial suppliers rather than domestic boutiques – the cost difference will be tremendous.

Exterior materials can get expensive quickly.  While choosing styles, remember to consider maintenance and upkeep costs.  Brick can be used for contemporary homes, but the most frequent look is a stark white coat of paint.  Selecting a self-cleaning paint that is both environmentally friendly and designed to last outside may cost more upfront, but will likely save money in the long run.  Another alternative is to use fiber cement weatherboard rather than natural cedar, which can be expensive.

It’s easy to overspend on the materials that go inside a contemporary home – just think of the kitchen alone!  The key to incorporating modern designer lighting, hardwood floors and a chef’s kitchen is to simply engage in judicious shopping.  Instead of expensive limestone in the kitchen, why not go for cheaper travertine? 

Modern Kitchen

Modern Kitchen

Managing the project

Good home renovation management plays an integral role in how much money a homeowner spends on the overall project.  Gross mismanagement can end up costing thousands extra.  Homeowners should remember to get involved and stay involved in the project – from start to finish.  Hiring professionals to do the hard work may be necessary, but the less professional labor used, the less money spent.  Homeowners can save some cash by doing their own painting and other smaller projects where costs can add up.  Just remember, consult with the builder and contractor to stay in the loop.

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5 Quick and Easy Ways to Make Your New House a Home

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Make Your New House a Home

Make Your New House a Home

Make Your New House a Home

When moving into a house that is new to you, you will likely want to make some changes that best suit you and your family. Making your new house into a home that fits the ebb and flow of your family life results in a space that you can all enjoy. Whether you decide to install new flooring, paint a room or many rooms, remodel a space or redecorate, there are many things you can do to make your new house a home that fits your family.

1. Change the Flooring

One of the many ways to remodel your new house in order to make it a home that suits your family is to change the flooring. By changing the flooring, you customize the home to what you like and what works for your family’s activities. For example, hardwood flooring warms a room by bringing in the soothing colors of wood and a smooth, comfortable surface on which to live and play. Hardwood flooring can be completely customized with patterns, styles and thickness to suit your needs and wants.

2. Update the Kitchen Appliances

Another quick change you can make is to update your kitchen appliances. This is especially helpful if the current appliances are outdated or otherwise do not suit the needs of your family. For example, a large family with many children would need a bigger range or refrigerator than a couple whose children have grown and moved away. Adding a bar or kitchen island can bring life into kitchen, one of the most used rooms in the house.

3. Paint the Walls

Painting the walls a color that pleases the room’s new occupants is a great and rather inexpensive way to take ownership of a new home. Warm colors suit a cozy kitchen and living room while bright colors liven up a playroom or rec room, making these spaces inviting and comfortable for those who now live there and share the space together.

4. Install New Window Treatments

Choosing fresh, new window treatments can bring a brand new feel to a room. Whether you choose curtains, blinds or shades, installing window treatments that suit the room and the occupants is a great way to make a house your home. If the room is a bedroom where someone sleeps during the daylight hours, try blackout curtains to keep the room dark and inviting for sleep. If privacy is not a factor, leave the living room or rec room windows uncovered for natural light during the day. Natural light brightens any space any time of the year.

5. Add Personal Touches

In addition to improvements and specifications, such as hardwood floors, new curtains, updated appliances, and so much more, the most important way to make your new house a home is the addition of your personal touches. Furniture, pictures of family and friends – things that are special to you and those who live there.

Making your new house a home is a family project that everyone can chime in on as well as pitch in to help. Before you move, write down the elements of your old home that you will always cherish.  Seek input from all family members. Make it yours, and everyone can enjoy the new home you have created together.

Erin Devine is a guest contributor on behalf of Floor & Decor Outlets, a superstore of all things flooring and tile. She also maintains her own blog about interior design and home renovation, DIY Home & Floor.

Priority moving is an Award Winning San Diego moving company.

We are licensed and insured San Diego Movers (CAL T-189943). (MAKE sure your mover has a valid CAL T license at the California Public Utilities Commission).

We are proud to be a certified ProMover – a designation granted only by the American Moving and Storage Association, and the only San Diego moving company honored with a supplier of the year award by the San Diego County Apartment Association.

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AB 2118 Passes to Protect Moving Consumers

AB 2118 Passes to Protect Moving Consumers

Priority Moving, Inc. – San Diego Movers strives to provide breaking news especially when it relates to the moving industry and protecting the moving public.  Unfortunately there have been rogue moving companies in California that have taken advantage of the consumer.  These are generally companies that advertise as movers but do not have a proper PUC license or insurance.  Once they begin the move, they hold the goods hostage and raise the price to the consumer.  The consumer generally has no choice but to pay whatever the company is demanding.  This is illegal but happens much too frequently.  It finally took a new law, Assembly Bill (AB) 2118 to try and put a stop to this.

The California Public Utilities Commission regulates movers in the State of California and according to their website ” The CPUC licenses and regulates companies that move household goods within California. The companies must prove their financial and safety fitness. They must also prove to the CPUC that they have adequate insurance and they are subject to criminal background clearance by the California Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation.”

For more advice on planning a move, please see: (from the CPUC Website)

Moving Tips and Checklist (PDF)

Mover’s Guide with information to help you with your move

Maximum Rate Tariff 4, which is the maximum rates and rules for movers

Resolution TL-19098, amending Maximum Rate Tariff 4 effective February 25, 2010

Ongoing and past CPUC investigations of moving companies


AB 2118

California State Assembly


On October 1, 2012, Assemblymember Betsy Butler (D-Los Angeles) announced that Governor Brown has signed her legislation, AB 2118, updating the Household Goods Carrier Act in order to protect consumers from fraudulent moving companies.

“AB 2118 would bring a much needed update to the Household Goods Carrier Act by going after illegal unpermitted moving companies that prey on unknowing consumers,” said Assemblymenember Butler.  “These criminals will quote low prices to lure unsuspecting consumers only to later hold their belongings hostage for more money.  No one should have to endure this type of treatment during a life transition.”“… In addition, AB 2118 will help the moving public by giving the Public Utilities Commission the additional tools they need to address issues related to brokers and illegal movers who misrepresent their identity.”  AB 2118 will also direct the Commission to create a “Know your Rights” website that will be linked to all PUC-permitted moving companies’ websites in order to educate and promote consumer rights and protections.

So how do you find a good, reputable mover?  Please do your research, look on the websites of the California Moving and Storage Association ( CMSA) and the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA).  If you want to use the best of the best, make sure your mover has the ProMover designation.  Click here for a list of California ProMovers.

AB 2118 Meeting with Betsy Butler

AB 2118 Meeting with Betsy Butler

Of course call Priority Moving, Inc. at 858-689-2525 to discuss your move.  We can handle all of your moving needs.


Assemblywoman Betsy Butler

Assemblywoman Betsy Butler

Biography of Assemblywoman Betsy Butler (D-Los Angeles) from her website

Assemblymember Betsy Butler was elected in November 2010 and represents the 53rd Assembly District, which includes the communities of El Segundo, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Torrance, Lomita, Marina del Rey, Playa del Rey and portions of the City of Los Angeles. Her legislative priorities include protecting seniors, improving access to services for veterans, protecting education and the environment.

Assemblymember Butler was appointed to serve on the Assembly Budget Committee, the Budget Sub-Committee on Resources and Transportation, the Committee on Business and Professions, the Committee on Education, the Committee on Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism and Internet Media and the Rules Committee. She is the Chair of the Select Committee on Aerospace, a member of the Select Committees on Domestic Violence, Financial Empowerment, Preservation of California’s Entertainment Industry and Regional Approaches to Addressing the State’s Water Crisis. She also is a member of the California Commission for Economic Development.

Betsy has a history of fighting for working families and healthy, safe communities at the local, state and national level and remains committed to job development and growth. Betsy’s commitment to public service was solidified during her years in college as an intern for State Assemblymember Lucy Killea, U.S. Senator Alan Cranston and Lt. Governor Leo McCarthy. After graduation, Betsy served as a field representative for Lt. Governor McCarthy where she served as a community liaison for twenty-nine cities across Los Angeles. She coordinated public policy and outreach regarding a wide range of issues including economic development, international trade and green technology investment as well as elder care and environmental protection matters.

Prior to her election to the Assembly, she was a board member of Equality California, president of the National Women’s Political Caucus (LA Westside Chapter), and the former Director of Development for the Consumer Attorneys of California. Betsy remains committed to fighting for equality and fairness for all—priorities that she will continue to pursue in the Legislature. Betsy also served as an appointed member of the California Film Commission, where she worked to keep the film industry as a driver of the state’s economy.

Betsy also served in the Clinton administration at the Department of Commerce in the International Trade Administration where she worked on the trade policy priorities of the early 1990s, including the Uruguay Round and World Trade Organization transformation matters, intellectual property rights and trade development. At the California League of Conservation Voters and the Environmental Defense Fund, Betsy helped create and solidify communities of support for strategic environmental movements, including carbon emission standard changes, water conservation and habitat protection policies.

A resident of Marina del Rey and the South Bay area of Los Angeles for nearly twenty years, Betsy has been active in local grassroot organizations promoting green and responsible development in her neighbourhood. In 2006, then-Congresswoman Hilda Solis recognized Betsy for her activism and commitment to working families at the Congresswoman’s annual leadership luncheon.

Born in Sacramento, Betsy graduated from San Diego State University and from the Executive Program in Management at UCLA

Here is a list of other excellent webpages related to the Passage of AB 2118:

Around the Capital AB 2118 -

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List of Unlicensed Moving Companies in San Diego

List of Unlicensed Moving Companies in San Diego

In order to transfer household goods over the highways in California, a company is required to obtain and maintain a license from the Public Utilities Commission.  This license is commonly referred to as a PUC or CAL-T license.

For example the valid license for Priority Moving, Inc. – San Diego Movers is CAL T-189943.

You always want to move with a mover that has a valid and “Active” license…. it is illegal for a mover to move you if their license is suspended, revoked, pending, or terminated.

On the Public Utilties Commission Website you can view a the list of moving companies and their license numbers that fall into the categories of suspended, revoked, pending or terminated in San Diego County.

On the Public Utilities Commission Website at you can see the requirements for licensing and the FAQ’s

Moving Companies Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I transport general freight. Do I need a permit from the PUC? A: No. Motor carriers of property, other than household goods, must obtain a motor carrier permit from the Department of Motor Vehicles. For additional information you may contact the DMV at (916) 657-8153 or visit its Web site at

Q: I want to start a moving business. Do I need a permit from the PUC? A: If you will be transporting used furniture and personal effects to or from a residence, between points in California, you will need to obtain a household goods carrier permit.

Q: I will be performing only office moves. Do I need a household goods carrier permit from the PUC? A: No. You should obtain a motor carrier permit from the Department of Motor Vehicles. For additional information you may contact the DMV at (916) 657-8153 or visit its Web site at

Q: I wish to perform both residential moves and office moves. What permit do I need? A: To move used furniture or personal effects to or from a residence you must hold a household goods carrier permit from the PUC. You may elect to perform office moves under either (1) your household goods carrier permit or (2) under a motor carrier permit issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles. To perform office moves under a PUC permit you will need to complete and file with the License Section a Notice of Election (Form TL 706-N) (this form is included in the Household Goods Carriers Application Packet). Q: How do I obtain a household goods carrier permit? A: You will need to complete an application and mail it to the License Section with a filing fee of $500. You may download a permit application packet. An informational packet is available to assist you in completing the application. These items may also be requested by contacting the License Section at (800) 877-8867 or Q: Are household goods carrier permits transferable? A: Yes, a permit may be transferred provided it is in good standing. You will need to complete a transfer application and mail it to the License Section with a fee of $150. You may download a transfer application packet. An informational packet is available to assist you in completing the application. These items may also be requested by contacting the License Section at (800) 877-8867 or Q: What are the requirements for obtaining a household goods carrier permit? A: The primary requirements are:

  • ·         File evidence of insurance coverage (liability, cargo, and workers’ compensation) on PUC-prescribed forms.
  • ·         Demonstrate knowledge by written examination of the PUC’s Maximum Rate Tariff 4 (MAX 4). The tariff contains maximum rates that carriers must observe as well as rules and regulations governing intrastate moves.
  • ·         Participate in the DMV Employer Pull-Notice System.
  • ·         Provide information to show that vehicles will be maintained and operated in safe condition.
  • ·         Undergo fingerprinting for a criminal background check.
  • ·         Provide any other information requested to demonstrate that the applicant possesses sufficient knowledge, ability, integrity and financial resources to perform the service.

Q: What are the minimum liability insurance and cargo insurance requirements for household goods carriers? A: The minimum protection against liability is $250,000 for bodily injury to or death of one person; $500,000 for bodily injury to or death of more than one person; and $100,000 for damage to or destruction of property other than the property being transported; or a combined single limit in the amount of not less than $600,000. For additional information see General Order 100. The minimum cargo insurance coverage is $20,000 per shipment. Information about cargo coverage and rules concerning carrier liability for loss and damage of used household goods can be found in General Order 136. Insurance companies, brokers and agents may wish to view “Important Information for Insurance Providers” to learn about forms and procedures to use in making insurance filings. Q: How do I arrange to take the MAX 4 exam? A: Every applicant for a household goods carrier permit must pass a written examination on the maximum rates, rules and regulations contained in Maximum Rate Tariff 4. You may take the MAX 4 exam in San Francisco, Los Angeles. You will need to bring a form of picture identification with you. You may not bring any written materials or a cell phone into the examination room. You will be provided with a copy of MAX 4 to use as a reference when taking the exam. Once you have submitted your application, you may schedule an appointment to take the exam by calling the License Section at (800) 877-8867. Q: Do I as the permit applicant have to take the MAX 4 exam or can I have one of my employees take it? A: Under the law, if the applicant is an individual, the individual or a responsible managing employee may take the exam. If the application is filed by a co-partnership, corporation, or any other form of business organization, the exam may be taken by a partner, the responsible managing officer, or an employee who works for the firm at least 32 hours per week. Q: Can I obtain a copy of MAX 4 in advance of filing my application? A: You may purchase a copy of MAX 4 at any time for $6.50. Some rates in MAX 4 require mileage calculations using the Commission’s Distance Table 8, which costs $30. These documents may be obtained by completing an order form and mailing it with a check or money order to the address shown on the form. Q: If I fail the MAX 4 exam, may I take it again? A: You make retake the exam, but by law you will have to wait at least 30 days to do so. Q: What are the requirements for being fingerprinted? A: The law requires every applicant for a household goods carrier permit to submit fingerprints for each owner, partner, officer and director for the purpose of conducting a criminal history record check. The fingerprints are forwarded to the state Department of Justice and made available to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Applicants have a choice of submitting fingerprints either by Live Scan or fingerprint card. Live Scan is an automated electronic process that generally results in much faster processing. It is performed by selected law enforcement agencies. Fingerprinting by fingerprint card must be accomplished through a law enforcement agency or other agency or person qualified to perform this service. A fee may be charged. For complete details see Instructions for Fingerprinting (Form TL-FNGR). Q: May I conduct operations using owner-operators as independent contractors? A: Yes, you may engage independent contractors (referred to as “subhaulers”) provided that each contractor holds its own household goods carrier permit and you file a subhaul-lease bond of not less than $20,000 with the Commission in accordance with General Order 102. Q: Are there any periodic fees I am required to pay to the Commission? A: On a quarterly basis every household goods carrier is required to file a report of revenue and pay the following fees (late-filed reports are subject to a 25% penalty):

  • ·         A fee based on intrastate gross operating revenue that currently is 1/2 of 1% of revenue on transportation subject to MAX 4 rates and rules, and 1/10 of 1% on revenue derived from transportation exempt from MAX 4 or the transportation of used office, store, and institution furniture (i.e., office moves).
  • ·         A $15 fee, $5 of which goes to the California Highway Patrol as a safety fee.
  • ·         A Uniform Business License Tax of 1/10 of 1% of revenue, which is imposed in lieu of payment of a city or county excise or license tax on intercity transportation by household goods carriers
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How to Throw the Perfect Housewarming Party

How to Throw the Perfect Housewarming Party

Having a housewarming party is a great way to show off your new living space and get all your friends and family together for a fun evening. If you plan your housewarming party right, you’ll be the best host on the block. By following a few simple rules, you’re housewarming party is guaranteed to be a success.

Take Care of Invitations Early

Mail out your invitations at least two weeks ahead of the event, and make sure you have your housewarming party within a month of your move-in date. Mailing invitations early will help people plan for your event, and since many of your friends and family members will likely want to attend your housewarming party and feel obligated to do so, it’s only polite to give them plenty of notice. Don’t worry if you’re still unpacking or finishing up the installation of new hardwood flooring or appliances when you mail out the invitations as long as you know they’ll be finished at least a week before your housewarming party.

Don’t Go Crazy with Food

Try not to get too stressed out when it comes to food that you’ll be serving. If you love to cook and feel like you’re good at it, go ahead and do it yourself, but choose foods that are easy to make in large quantities and can be made the day before the event. While there’s nothing wrong with warming up prepared food to serve for your housewarming party, you don’t want to be pulling things out of the oven and watching a timer all night. If you don’t enjoy cooking or simply don’t have time to deal with it, consider hiring a caterer to prepare some food that they can drop off a few hours before your event. Most catering companies can even provide you with chafing dishes and serving utensils for a small fee. Whatever you choose, make sure you set the food up away from high traffic areas. Spills and accidents can happen, and may damage your carpet or hardwood flooring.

Set Up a Self-Service Bar

Whether you’re going to be serving cocktails and mixed drinks or non-alcoholic beverages, setting up a self-service bar will save you a lot of effort and allow you to enjoy your housewarming party. It might be tempting to play bartender to impress your friends, but that routine is going to get old after an hour, and instead of talking to your friends and family, you’ll be mixing martinis. A good setup for a self-service bar is simple. Arrange bottles in one area and non-alcoholic mixers one side of a bar or table and put ice and an assortment of different glasses on the other side of the table. Make sure you leave the middle of the table open, except for a cocktail shaker or any drink-making accessories you feel inclined to use. This will allow guests to put their glass down and actually mix their drinks. Just like with food, you’ll want to keep your bar area away from high-traffic areas so spilled liquids and melted ice don’t stain your hardwood flooring, carpeting or rugs. Hardwood flooring is particularly susceptible to stains if water is allowed to pool, so you might want to consider putting down a few small, inexpensive area rugs or clean towels down behind the bar area. You’ll still need to check on the bar once in a while to make sure the ice hasn’t melted and there are plenty of clean glasses, but that’s a whole lot easier than trying to work the bar at your own housewarming party.

Don’t Forget the Music

You can’t have a party without music. It may seem like a small touch, but music will make people comfortable in your new space and get them in the party mood. You don’t have to turn your home into a night club – quiet jazz, classical or Bossa nova make a great soundtrack to a low-key housewarming party.

Erin Devine is a guest contributor on behalf of Floor & Decor Outlets, a superstore of all things flooring and tile. She also maintains her own blog about interior design and home renovation, DIY Home & Floor.

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